New Deal 4 Europe

Belgian Committee

The members of the Belgian committee are:

  • Philippe D. GrosJean (Permanent Forum of European Civil Society)
  • Philippe Bioul, (Former officer in the European Commission),
  • Massimo Gaudina (Association Palombella),
  • Angelo Raffaele Consoli (T.I.R.E.S.-C.E.T.R.I.),
  • Yorik Bonsangue (UEF Belgium),
  • Catherine Vieilledent (UEF Groupe Europe),
  • Vlassios Sfyroeras (Vice-president trade union U4U),
  • Mark Dubrulle (President Club of Rome-Chapitre UE),
  • Bruno Boissière (CIFE),
  • Roger Vancampenhout (Former officer in the European Commission),
  • Vincent Obozinski (Pensée libre pour l'Europe),
  • Jean-Paul Soyer (GRASPE),
  • George Vlandas (Trade union U4U),
  • Pierre Loubières (Europe Solidaire)
  • Alberto Lampasona (Permanent Forum of European Civil Society),
  • Alessandro Manghisi (Permanent Forum of European Civil Society).

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Calendar of Events in Belgium

See this calendar to know the date and location of upcoming events where our initiative will be discussed

Newsletter Belgium - 2014-05

Conferences-Debates with Michel AGLIETTA in Brussels on 29 & 30 September, 2014

Breaking news, 1st September, 2014

These conferences were initially planned on last June 5, 2014 and unfortunately had to be postponed at the last minute.

Now they are planned for the dates as indicated above.


Michel Aglietta is a French economist, a specialist in international monetary economy, known for his work on the functions of financial markets. He is one of the first to sign the Manifesto for a European Plan for sustainable development and employment written when we were still in the preparatory phase of the formal recognition of our citizens' initiative by the European Commission. Beginning of 2014, he published (Edition Odile Jacob) a noticed and remarkable book under the title: UN NEW DEAL pour L'€UROPE !


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